Litezpeed Skateboard Hardware

Litezpeed Lightspeed Skateboard Hardware 1.5 inch Philips Countersunk Colors Sale Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverBolt on some attitude and keep your nuts tight with these edgy, colorful premium Litezpeed skate hardware! 

Are you bored of looking down at your board and seeing plain old bolts?  LITEZPEED Anodized Hardware is the solution to your problems. It does the job and looks good doing it.

Perfect for skaters who don’t mind being a bit nuts. Looking to ditch those boring bolts on your skateboard or longboard?

Check out LITEZPEED Colored Hardware! They’re not just functional—they’re a full-blown rebellion against blandness.

Deck out your ride and turn heads at the skatepark or wherever you cruise with these rad colors. Each pack comes with 8 nuts and 8 bolts, perfect for jazzing up your entire setup, whether it’s a street deck or a longboard.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results