Powell Series 13

Brigade Series 13 Skateboards Canada Online Sales CalStreets Vancouver PickupHold onto your helmets and loosen those rusty trucks because the legendary skate superhero team is back in town! Picture Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Cabellero, Tony Hawk, and Rodney Mullen rolling back into action, ready to shred the streets once more. Well, okay, they’re not physically back, but their essence is captured in six gnarly decks that scream “RAD!”

Powell-Peralta is unleashing this time-traveling collection, transporting you straight to the golden era of skateboarding faster than you can say “ollie.” These decks are so iconic, even your grandma might be tempted to ask for a kickflip tutorial!

Crafted from the finest 7-ply maple wood, Series 13 sticks to its roots, replicating those original ’80s shapes that made jaws drop and skateboards soar. Because why mess with perfection? These decks are more coveted than a secret skate spot without those pesky scooter kids buzzing around.

So, grab your phone, call your mom, your dad, your friends, heck, even your neighbor’s dog, and let them know: Series 13 is dropping like a mic at a Tony Hawk afterparty!

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Showing all 5 results