Rip N Dip Skateboard Decks

Rip n Dip Skateboards Gifts Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverAttention, mere mortals! Prepare yourselves for the legendary tale of Ryan O’Connor, the mastermind behind the birth of Rip N Dip. This epic adventure kicks off at a skate camp during the scorching summer of ’06, where Ryan fearlessly etched Rip N Dip onto campers’ boards. And what unfolded next, you may inquire? Oh, those mischievous scamps went absolutely bananas for it! Thus, Ryan took matters into his own paws and conjured a batch of tees to share with the world. Yes, my feline comrades, Rip N Dip was officially unleashed.

Now, let us leap forward to the present day, where this extraordinary brand has set its roots in the realm of stars and dreams—Los Angeles. Rules? Ha! They scoff at such notions. RIPNDIP thrives on audacity, untamed spirits, and liberating oneself from the shackles of monotony. Who wants to be ordinary, anyway? Certainly not us cool cats! Listen up, you style-challenged humans.  Embrace it, and watch as your social circle erupts in gratitude, forever altering the course of your existence. Meow!

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