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Black Label John Lucero Bars X2 REISSUE Deck 8.88″ x 32.06″ Black Dip


Perfect for pool and street ripping, Black Label Lucero Bars X2 features a rounded tail with a tapered & squared nose. It is more nimble and street-friendly, in comparison to the OG version. Lucero’s Bars is a classic board that have stood the test of time and it’s still relevant to today’s progressive skateboarding! 

This board is very transition capable with its 14.75″ wheelbase, most preferred by vert pros.

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Black Label Skateboard Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupBlack Label John Lucero Bars X 2 8.88 black dip reissue skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverBlack Label John Lucero Bars X 2 8.88 black dip reissue skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Here we have a modernized version of Black Label Lucero Bars, the Bars X2. This deck rocks more compact yet full size dimensions, to make it more suitable for technical vert and street skating.

Black Label have rounded the tail and tapered the nose, with the wheelbase now sitting at 14.75″. Most professional vert and megaramp skaters prefer this wheelbase. The original John Lucero artwork go with this shape like bread and butter, aesthetically pleasing all Black Label fans. 

This black dip John Lucero Black Label Bars X2 Reissue is a must have for any Black Label fan. Support this original independently running company that makes such rad boards! This board is 8.88″ X 32.06″ and 100% Black Label.

Add John Lucero’s own artwork to the mix, with empty bars on top ply, and occupied bars on the bottom. Maybe a good choice to grip this one with clear grip!


  • Width: 8.88″ Length: 32.06″
  • Wheelbase: 14.75″
  • Modern version of the OG Bars
  • Art by Lucero on a black dip
  • 7 ply Canadian maple
  • Made in Mexico
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Black Label Skateboard Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

The future is 1988, Stoned Spork, Elijah Akerley. Welcome to the Label, it’s on now! S.F. / Maine. Filmed and edited by: Adam Anorga. Additional filming by: Israel Garcia II, Zane Timpson, Theodor Maider. Music: “Speed Freak” by Grindline the Band from the album F.A.S.T. “Let the Smoke Out” by Big Hongry from the Let the Smoke Out EP. Black Label Skates 2021.


Black Label

Buy Black Label Skateboards Canada Online Vancouver Black Label Skateboards was created by professional skater and artist John Lucero in 1988 as Lucero Ltd. which became Black Label in 1990. Through the years Black Label has tried to provide the best skateboards and products while keeping true to the simple concept of skateboarding should be fun. Never be bought, never be sold.
Black Label

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