Riptide Carver C7.3 Front C2.4 Rear Pivot Cups – WFB 96a


These pivot cups come in a set of two, to accommodate your Carver C7 truck setup. These are specifically for CARVER C7 and C2 trucks, to further reduce the slop in your truck. Overall this provides riders with a more lively and responsive feel from their trucks. 

These pivot cups are designed with Riptide’s WFB formula, to offer riders nothing but the best for their trucks. Don’t let your trucks die on you, and get a set of these pivot cups to liven them up!


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Riptide Bushings Pivotcups and Tubes Vancouver Canada

Riptide Pivot Cups PNLThe CARVER C7.3 Front C2.4 Rear Riptide Pivot Cups WFB 96a offer silky smooth turns by using an internally lubricated WFB Urethane. You can turn with precision and confidence knowing that the high quality thane won’t give way. Paris pivot cups are also compatible with the C2.4 while Independent pivot cups are also compatible with the C7.3.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a proper set of bushings or pivot cups. If you are riding Carver C7/C2 trucks, than you need the best components available.


  • 96a Durometer
  • Set of 2
  • For CARVER C7 front truck
  • For CARVER C2 rear truck
  • Lubricated WFB Urethane

Geoff Sagara going rail to rail with his new Carver CX on a perfect cement curl somewhere in the midst of the southern California chaparral, finally delivering on the promise of a true endless wave.



Carver Surf Skate Canada Distribution Vancouver PickupCarver Surf Skate Roundhouse Wheels Canada Online Sales Pickup Surf Skate City VancouverJosh Kerr has recently become part of our team, introducing new pro models, and we're actively working on future collaborations. As skateboarding embraces innovation and inclusivity, traditional styles like Surfskate are making a resurgence. Carver remains committed to producing the most reliable American-made surf skate equipment. We continually push the boundaries of innovation, propelling progression for dedicated riders who rely on our gear for surf training and an enjoyable urban surfing experience. “I often see people on our boards, and you can always tell when they're on a Carver by how they surf," notes Neil. Greg adds, "It's incredibly satisfying to witness the joy they experience, knowing that we crafted that for them.” There's a distinctive element, though. Those riding our boards aren't just skating the streets; they're surfing the urban wave. Carver remains dedicated to the ongoing creation of the most trusted and reliable American-made surf skate equipment, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our commitment extends beyond merely providing quality products; we strive to pioneer cutting-edge advancements in the industry, ensuring that enthusiasts experience the forefront of surf skate technology.


RipTide + CalStreets Bushings Pivot Cups Canada Pickup Vancouver RipTide's all about designing and developing the sickest gear out there, no doubt. When you're searching for the perfect bushing, you gotta focus on three things: how you ride, the shape of the bushing, and the durometer. The durometer of a bushing is what determines whether it's hard or soft. And that's what's gonna give you that sweet lean you're looking for. But when you're picking out the right durometer, you gotta consider two things: your riding style and your weight. If you're all about bombing hills, you're gonna want a harder bushing for max stability. But if you're more into freeriding, a softer bushing's gonna be your jam. And don't forget about your weight, either. If you're a featherweight, go for a soft bushing. If you're packing some pounds, you'll wanna go harder.  

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