Dogtown BigFoot Sticker 4″



Dogtown BigFoot Sticker 4″


Are you tired of looking at all your plain old boring surfaces? All the same boring colours with nothing interesting to show the world? Well, if this is you, then you need stickers! Stop the onslaught of lame skate decks, doors, or cars and turn some heads with a an array of sweet stickers!

In today’s world, it’s no longer enough to be a sound cloud rapper or a vape master. You need to stand out and be different. Thankfully, we have just the thing for you!

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Dogtown Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Dogtown Bigfoot Sticker Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Dogtown BigFoot Stickers are the bomb!

Do you ever wonder why your whole life is so bland? Do you add extra salt to everything just so you can taste something? Well as a certified doctor, I’m prescribing a healthy dosage of dopeass stickers.

No more do you have to wallow in self pity because you can’t get a date! Prove your coolness with a sticker that’s guaranteed to get you everything you want in life! (Disclaimer: This product is not guaranteed to get you everything you want in life.)

Look, everyone knows that guy who’s so monotonous they think that traffic jams are fun, prefers slow wifi and likes the shopping channel. Don’t be that guy! Get a dope sticker and reflect that inner bad ass! (Warning: May cause unexpected urges to ride fast sports cars and get laid.)

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Dogtown Skateboards Canada Pickup VancouverDogtown Skateboards “Our only Crime is Being Original” Dogtown, as a concept, has existed since the early 1970’s. It was the birthplace of progressive skateboarding, Santa Monica/Venice, California. In the celebrated documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, Santa Monica/Venice was a forgotten slum by the sea.
Out of the wreckage of Abbot Kinney’s dream town gone bad, roamed young surfers searching for outlets after the surf got blown out. They found it through an aggressive approach to skateboarding never seen before.
Jim Muir, the founder of Dogtown Skateboards, was one of these kids. For 38 years Dogtown Skateboards has been synonymous with hardcore skateboarding.

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Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 2.5 cm