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New OLD STOCK Mini Stix Rails 3.5″ BLACK


These NOS Mini Stix are a blast from the past! Sitting for over 30 years, and ready to finally be put to use on your board! Or maybe just a great addition to your collection…

Regardless, it’s hard to deny how awesome these relics are. A great lightweight alternative to those chunky boardrails.

Sex bolts and wood screws included, to fit your preferences and ensure your setup is customized to perfection!

In stock

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CalStreets Vintage Collector New Old Stock CanadaCalStreets Vintage Collector New Old Stock CanadaMini Stix Vintage Skateboard NOS Vancouver Local Canada Online

These NOS Mini Stix are a blast from the past! A rare relic from decades ago, Mini Stix are a great solution for those who want to grab their board with ease while keeping their board light. Without a full sized boardrail, you can keep that feeling of wood on coping, while still having a handle to help you dial in those tricks a little better.

At 3.5″ long these make for a great addition anywhere on your board. Sex bolts and wood screws included, to fit your preferences and ensure your setup is customized to perfection!

NOS Mini Stix:

  • 3.5″ long
  • Wood screws and sex bolts included
  • Lightweight MINI boardrail 
  • Grabs for days!
  • Over 30 years old!

CalStreets 2007 Lonsdale North Vancouver

A quick guide on how to install board rails! Check out our wide variety here at CalStreets.



NEW 70`s 80`s OLD STOCK

Skateboard Skate Hoarder CalStreets Collector Canada Pickup VancouverCalStreets has been Living the skate life for decades, we have made great friends and connections all over the world. We are lucky to showcase some of the rare skate artifacts from our past. CalStreets has been around for over 40 years and we are humbled and appreciate the support from skaters from all genres! Whether you're a hardcore collector, looking for a gift for that person who has everything, or just going down memory lane, this is the place to be. With products dating decades back, these are all original artifacts, sitting for years for your nostalgic pleasure. Please note due to the age of the products there may be scratches and general shop wear after decades of storage in skateboard vaults around the world. ALL PURCHASES OF NEW OLD STOCK - RECIVE FREE ``CalStreets Skate Hoarder Sticker`` While Supplies Last
NEW 70`s 80`s OLD STOCK



Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 cm