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Rayne Mini Deck 24″

For those who want that smooth longboard ride without the hassle of having a massive board,  Rayne has the solution for you! The Rayne Mini 24″ decks are perfect for anyone who wants to reduce the size of their deck while maintaining that awesome longboard feeling.

Experience a new style of riding. Cruise or freeride, the mini decks make everything more fun. We highly recommend these fun longboard alternatives, they are the perfect addition to a skate collection that probably doesn’t have one already!

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The Brandon Mini Raynediabolical designers at Rayne have concocted these creative 24″ Rayne mini versions of their wickedly successful decks. Now you can enjoy the smooth cruise of a longboard with the ease and portability of a cruiser board. The board shape and cut-outs on the mini decks afford them the ability to rock massive wheels and RKP trucks.

Already have a gigantic longboard at home? Tired of lugging it around on the bus and to school/work? Grab a Rayne Mini and throw your existing setup on it. Boom! New, fast, fun, and portable board – just like that.

If you already have a cruising board, maybe you just want an insanely fun freeride deck? Check out the video below to see what the mini is capable of, these things can rip!

We have recently started working with Rayne a big way! Both being from Vancouver, we wanted to team up with a great local board company. Rayne’s line up is amazing, and we are lucky enough to carry selected complete Rayne boards in store for under $200!

  • Cruise to infinity
  • Portable yet stylish
  • Length: 24 Inches
  • Same construction and concave of your favorite models!
  • Small but fast
  • Freeride for fun
  • Stock varies! Call us for size, graphic, and concave!
  • Top Quality

“Sometimes you head out and don’t really want to rock a fullsize longboard. The Rayne Mini is the answer! Now you can stuff your deck under your desk or in your locker, and take it on the bus with ease and steez. Made from the same construction as your favorite fullsize, the Mini gets you stoked and keeps you skating instead taking a lame walk.”


Discontinued Product Info Archive

Discontinued Product Info Archive



Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards Vancouver Canada Online SalesGraham Buksa is the founder and owner of Rayne Longboards. Graham started the brand back in 2004 and pioneered many leading designs and the original bamboo fiberglass downhill longboard. Throughout his career he has managed Rayne, raced on the world cup circuit, and stood on many podiums for the Rayne downhill team. Graham continues to race, design, and pioneer new technology for Rayne products to keep the brand at the forefront of longboard progression.
Rayne Longboards leads the industry in product design with consistent technological innovation and a passion to create functionally and aesthetically superior boards. Rayne works hard to exceed every expectation.
Rayne Longboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 4 cm