Rip N Dip Milk Carton Air Freshener



Rip N Dip Milk Carton Air Freshener


Always make sure you drink your milk. In this case make sure you always smell it! If you like cats or as cuddly as this cat then this is the air freshener for you. Show your cat love and find the missing Rip N Dip cat. Follow the sweet aroma to find him!

This air freshener does not smell like your Grandma, instead it is full of sweet goodness. It features a string loop to allow for placement virtually anywhere. Its handy for those who like their stuff to stay in place!

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Buy Rip N Dip Milk Carton Air Freshener Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupMake sure to drink your milk, but in that case smell! Lounge in style or be the bell of the ball with the Rip N Dip Milk Carton Air Freshener providing a sweet scent aroma!

It screams sophistication and class. It looks great and smells even better in your car, bag, or at home. However, we will warn you it doesn’t make a good bracelet. So grab one for yourself or that special skater in your life!


  • Sweet aroma
  • Does not smell like your Grandma
  • Grab one right meow!
  • Increase odds of getting laid!
  • More Rip N Dip HERE

The crew heads back to school in style with a montage and a mini Ryan Townley for extra credit. Who’s gonna play hooky today? Matter of fact, this air freshener may just win you some friends at school! Whether it be secondary or post secondary, it could probably help you find people to skate with! For when you can’t skate Rip N Dip, you can now show your love and appreciation. Place it with style and pride in your car. It is cat and alien approved for those who like to rip and dip!



Buy Rip n Dip Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup DealerRyan O'Connor started writing Rip N Dip on campers boards at a skate camp in the summer of '06. Kids instantly started writing Rip N Dip on each others boards. Immediately he saw how hyped the kids got, so he made a batch of shirts to sell.
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 cm