Riptide APS Cube


The incredible feature of RipTide Cubed™ Bushings is that you can change the feel of your ride simply by altering the orientation of the bushing in the bushing seat!

Square is the new Round!

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The Riptide APS Formula (Advanced Polymer System) offer consistent lean, max stability and advanced high rebound. The bushings are formulated for freeriding in mind with a smooth and extremely high rebound.

If you set up the front differently than the rear, the number of combinations increase substantially with the cubed bushing. When you throw round bushings and various durometers and compounds into the mix (the Cubed seat fits all other Riptide shapes also), the numbers get a bit crazy. Riptide found the square orientation to be linear in response, the diamond is progressive and each of the 4 orientation choices above produce 4 different responses.  In summary, 16 different setups (4 symmetrical and 12 asymmetrical) from one bushing shape.

 Riptide recommends the use of the harder durometer cube bushings (95.5a) for heavier-weight riders (over 150lbs) as harder durometer bushings allow for a nice tight set-up

    Riptide recommends the medium durometer cube bushings for medium weight riders (120 – 150lbs) – medium durometers (93a) are designed for those looking for a slightly more stable setup in the BoardSide position

    Riptide recommends the softer durometer cube bushings (88a) for lighter-weight riders (75 – 120lbs)


  • APS Formula
  • 88a, 93a, 95.5a
  • 0.894″ Sq x .60″ High (22.7mm Dia x 15.24mm High)
  • Designed to optimize Rey Trucks and square bushing seats
  • Sold as Pair with Large Flat Washers & a Sticker!

Riptide has decided to tell you a bit about the latest precision Rey Trucks, Rip Tide Cubed Bushing Seats and the Riptide Cubed Bushings. All in one informative and quick video!




RipTide + CalStreets Bushings Pivot Cups Canada Pickup Vancouver RipTide's all about designing and developing the sickest gear out there, no doubt. When you're searching for the perfect bushing, you gotta focus on three things: how you ride, the shape of the bushing, and the durometer. The durometer of a bushing is what determines whether it's hard or soft. And that's what's gonna give you that sweet lean you're looking for. But when you're picking out the right durometer, you gotta consider two things: your riding style and your weight. If you're all about bombing hills, you're gonna want a harder bushing for max stability. But if you're more into freeriding, a softer bushing's gonna be your jam. And don't forget about your weight, either. If you're a featherweight, go for a soft bushing. If you're packing some pounds, you'll wanna go harder.  

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