Thrasher Gonz Dice Set Purple



Thrasher Gonz Dice Set Purple


Get yourself rolling with the Thrasher Gonz Dice featuring a classy quartz purple colorway!

This dice set includes five dice with a handy felt carrying case, both adorned with Gonz art, perfect for practicing your juggling routine or losing money to your shady uncle!

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Thrasher Gonz Dice Set Purple Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupWhy not leave it to luck? The Thrasher Gonz Dice Set will increase your odds of successfully landing tricks, and attracting a mate.

Comes in a set of 5 with a fancy dice bag. Why not carry some reliable dice with you when you are playing against the odds! Great for road trips and game night. Portable entertainment right in the palm of your hand!

Play a Game of Skate, gamble, use them for math games or even calculate your terminal velocity when rolling down a hill. These Thrasher Gonz Dice Set are practical and portable for your personal enjoyment.


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