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The Labs Pit Crew – Our Service Department

At Longboarder Labs we have a full workshop to build and service boards. Whether we’re putting your custom set-up together or replacing parts on your daily commuter, we do it and love it at the Labs. Regripping your deck, changing wheels seasonally, replacing bearings or upgrading parts – we got you covered. We stock all […]


Hamboards – Shark Tank Audition

Our audition tape to appear on Shark Tank. The Hamboards crew bears their hearts explaining what Hamboards is and why they want to be on the show! Here you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the family behind your favorite surf-skate brand.


Hamboards brand new longboard the Pinger

Fast becoming our favorite landsurfer, the Pinger™ is a 5’7″ single wing pintail. This Hamboard is right between the Fish™ and the Classic™ () as it is more maneuverable than the Classic™ but allow for more cross stepping and nose riding with a larger canvas than the Fish™. It carves incredibly well but has a…


Hamboards the Big Huge Longboard Skateboard on Shark Tank

We are hamboards: The giant longboard skateboards on ABC’s Sharktank. From landsurfing to TV, how did we get there? You’ll have to check us out on October 11th and hear more at Stay in the loop, and see our reaction by subscribing to our page. We have had tons of questions pouring in ever since…


Hamboards Bamboo Classic: flexy and fun land surfing

Hamboards most popular longboard, the Bamboo Classic has that perfect surfy feel, and beautiful natural look. Made from solid sustainable bamboo, it comes complete with 97mm Abec 11 Flywheels, Biltin bearings, Original S8 trucks, custom bamboo risers, aircraft grade hardware, and a UV cured grit deck coating. Website: Facebook Insta: Twitter: Pinterest: Cinematography by Josh…


Hamboards Bombing down Lombard st on a huge Longboard

Gus bombing down Lombard St, barefoot on a Red Classic™. Dodging tourist and sliding on brick, Gus takes Landsurfing to the next level. Boards available at Website: Facebook Insta: Twitter: Pinterest: Cinematography by Josh Colegrove


Hamboards Heat Wave

Jachin and Gus Hamborg cruise through newport on a classic bamboo and pescadito hamboards. Website: Facebook Insta: Twitter: Pinterest:


Hamboard Italy

Champan Hamborg (middle son of 5 Hamborg boys) has been living and studying art in Florence Italy, and when Anders (2nd oldest Hamborg) came out to visit him they made this little video of them Hamboarding in Italy. Facebook Insta: Twitter: Pinterest:


Sidewalk Surfing: Hamboard Longboard & Sector9 Malibu Mini

Bryce Wettstein takes you sidewalk surfing aboard the Hamboard classic longboard & Sector9 Malibu Mini – both bamboo. We mounted the camera on the nose. Some barefoot cross-steps to the nose along Encinitas’ legendary Neptune ST.


Landpaddling the Hamboards®

Hamboards® work great for landpaddling. Their weight, 97mm Flywheels, and quality precision bearings allow you to pick up and carry momentum. Hamboards are also much wider than your average board and so you can actually get a parallel step used in SUP and get a bilateral work out. Music: “Tumbler” by The Kettle Drivers Website:…

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