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NEW 34mm Blackriver Trucks: Sets trend of plus-sized fingerboard equipment (and takes it even further!)

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Since 2009, Blackriver Trucks have been the top quality fingerboard trucks that are appreciated everywhere. They look like an expensive piece of jewelry, they turn as delightful as it possibly gets, and they are meant to last.

I’ve been using high end FB equipment since 2011 and when it comes to trucks, BRT is always of top of everyone’s minds. They resemble skateboard trucks like anything else.  Truthfully, BRT’s don’t even need to be changed unless you sit on them. Right now I’m on my second set, the 32mm, and the last one was 29mm. Yes, the plus-size trend affected fingerboarding just like skateboarding. Wider boards mean more surface to flick and land on, and people tend to gravitate towards it. Companies react to these changes and Blackriver did a good job today again.

Blackriver Trucks have just updated their product offering with freshly redesigned Extra Wide 34mm trucks. These trucks are not only wider, but they also feature new elongated pivot for better turning radius. Now you can setup your extra wide board having your trucks extra loose. All 2.0 Blackriver Trucks come with new lock nuts that are German Quality. Blackriver trucks remain at the top of fingerboard truck market and are highly sought after by enthusiasts who appreciate a high quality product designed with attention to details.

Blackriver Trucks will work with most fingerboard wheels, but the use of “BRR edition wheels” is recommended for the best experience. “BRR Edition” are being produced by various brands, which reassures the importance of Blackriver Brand.

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