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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Skateboarders

stocking stuffer ideas for skateboarders

OK, so you’ve got a good idea of what to get your favorite skateboarder for Christmas. We hope our top five gift ideas helped with that one. But holiday shopping doesn’t hit the curb there. Don’t forget stocking stuffers! 

So much thought has gone into the special gift (or two, three, etc.) that you haven’t given much thought to the all-important smalls. They are no less important. Heck, it’s the small things that show you’ve been paying attention. You haven’t? No worries. BoarderLabs has you covered (again).

Ten Small Gifts that Should Fill Your Skateboarder’s Stocking this Holiday Season

1. Stickers

Remember when you used to collect, trade, and obsess over stickers when you were a little kid? Well, we (skateboarders) have never grown out of this practice. We consume stickers like free cans of Red Bull, and stick ’em everywhere and anywhere. They allow us to wear brand affiliations on our boards and stick it to “the man” wherever an empty public space begs for it (don’t worry, it won’t be traced back to you). Have a look around your skater’s room and board (pun intended) and add to the collection of skate brand stickers (including this rad CalStreets 70’s design) that they’ll appreciate.

2. Bearings

Bearings are one of those things that we need, but prefer not to buy on our own. They aren’t glamorous. They don’t incite stoke. We don’t brag about our new bearings in the same way that we do a new set of trucks, or even wheels. But we can’t live without them. Thus, they are a perfect stocking stuffer idea. No skateboarder’s stocking should hang without a set of bearings within, including this Bronson Speed Co G3 8-pack that just came in.

3. Grip Tape

Keep your boarder’s feet on the deck by hooking them up with grip tape in their sock. It’s the holiday season, so keep things festive with some cool designs from Grizzly (tie dye), Blood Orange (red and neon green), and much so much more.

4. Keychain

Keychains are the quintessential stocking stuffer. This can’t-miss small gift works for any boarder, especially when the design is on point. The Sector-9 bottle-opener, Santa Cruz blade (for responsible riders), and this enamel leather clip-on keychain with the timeless DogTown emblem will work for anyone.

5. Send ’em to Maui 

Is your boarder a beach bum when the season strikes? Send them packing for the sand and surf early, by rolling up an iconic Maui & Sons beach towel and stuffing it in their stocking. You didn’t think we meant an actual trip to Maui, did you??

6. Patch ’em Up

Patches on clothes are like bows on Christmas presents for skateboarders (unless you use that analogy on us). This accessory is functional (for repairing ripped gear) and a collectible at the same time. The Powell Ripper Patch design is a classic, as is the DogTown. And if your boarder is a proud VanCity flag waving citizen this East Van Cross Patch will let them wear that allegiance on their sleeve, literally.

7. Shades

If your boarder’s future is so bright that they gotta’ wear shades everyday, then a visit to this section is a must. OK, so we don’t expect you to dole out $150 on a Sikk pair, we have stocking stuffer worthy shades that include Independent brand sunglasses (for 20 bucks!).

8. Wax On with Treats Skate

Skateboard wax has come a long way. No longer just a stick that allows us to do our schtick, slide, or grind, wax design has become darn fun. But watch carefully on Christmas morning. When your boarder pulls out a Large Blueberry Donut, a Breakfast Waffle, or Cinnamon Roll they might eat it by accident. Last year Treats Wax released a Gingerbread Man version for Christmas, so check back on BoarderLabs new inventory through December.

9. Keychain Skate Tool 

We listed keychains above, but the Atlas Universal Keychain is a skate tool first, keychain second. This essential stuffer has all of the sockets and wrench sizes that your boarder needs to make any standard skate adjustments while on the road or at the local skatepark. Don’t let them head out for a session in the post-season without being prepared.

10. Stuff Their Wallet

Holiday shopping may have put a hole in your boarder’s favorite wallet. Get them a new one! With many varieties coming in at under 20 dollars you won’t have to break the bank on this stocking stuffer either.

Happy Stuffer Shopping!

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