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What is the Difference Between a Snowboard and a Snowskate?

With world-renowned ski resort Whistler having one of the best opening weeks in decades, many of your friends have dropped everything to hit the powder. As a core skater, are you feeling a little left out? Chances are, you’ve caught wind of the snowskate phenomenon. And now that the entire province (and quite possibly country) is on […]

Skateboard Electric Longboard Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Skateboarders 2016 – Part 1

The holiday season is almost here. Pumpkins are being swapped for poinsettias, and pumpkin spice lattes traded for peppermint mochas. If a simple walk through your local shopping mall is any indicator, it’s not too early to start picking out gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. If you count a skateboarder amongst that lot, you’ve got […]

GXP Photography - Vintage Canadian Skate Photography

Canadian Vintage Skate Photography by X Peat

Graham X Peat – epic skate photographer of the 70`s and 80`s Vancouver skate scene. Check out the following gallery which features Canadian team riders from Northwest Skateboards (HEAD HONCHO), Sims Team Canada, Powell, G&S, Vision and The RIPPING SQUAD. (Rippers)


Skateboard: A Journey of Rediscovery & Reunion

When I bought my first copy of SkateBoarder magazine in December 1976, I recall reading an article from Di Dootson. At the time, Di was heavily into the skateboard scene and I was strictly a newbie. Over the next several years I would see her articles and race reports. I was a little envious that […]


Madrid Skateboards Celebrates 40 Years

FOREWORD This year, Madrid Skateboards celebrates its 40th year as a skateboard manufacturer and brand. In an environment as unpredictable as the skateboard industry, strong leadership is essential if a company wants to stay around, and owner Jerry Madrid’s leadership has allowed Madrid to weather the industry’s booms and busts over four decades. Fueled by […]


H-Street and Tony Magnusson

H-Street and Tony Magnusson The last thing Tony Magnusson ever thought he would do is help change the direction of skateboarding. But that is exactly what his company H-Street and a few other “skater owned” companies like World Industries, Blind and New Deal did. These companies were previously unknown, as the majority of skate companies […]


Steve Caballero and the 80s Ramp Revolution

Steve Caballero was never chosen by the other kids when it came to team sports, but he never let that get in his way. Regardless of his size, he was a giant when it came to heart and competitiveness. It was this drive that pushed this icon of skating, and puts him at the top […]


A Secret History of the Ollie

A SECRET HISTORY OF THE OLLIE Buy Now Initially, I had thought I could wrap the project up in a year or two, just in time for the 30th anniversary of the Ollie, but it just kept going. Part of the reason for this was that this history had never been documented before, and part […]


Powell Peralta: Stacy Peralta

April Fools Day 2004 and Stacy Peralta is down. He is down and outside, in the harsh sunlight of a hazy, hot Santa Monica spring afternoon, pacing nervously around the parking lot of Big Time Studios in Santa Monica, his second home for the last nine months during the production of Riding Giants. Stacy is […]


Next Generation of Collectors Emerge

People who collect old skateboards do so for the same reasons people collect comic books or old toys — they still feel a connection to it, said Miki Vuckovich, noted skateboarding photographer and executive director of the Tony Hawk Foundation. “It’s a natural nostalgia for what you had a kid, so it’s the same reason […]

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