Creature Skateboard Complete

Creature Skateboards by NHS Online Sales Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverThe Finest Horrors in Skateboarding! Dive into the rad world of Creature Skateboards and catch a glimpse of its epic history.

Rewind to 1994, and that’s where Creature Skateboards first hit the scene, emerging from the creative minds at NHS. The mastermind behind it? None other than Russ Pope, the same legend who managed the SMA team.

The original crew tearing it up on Creature decks included Jason Adams, Barker Barrett, and Darren Navarrette. Adams, though, didn’t stick around for long, as he teamed up with Pope to kickstart Scarecrow.

The late ’90s saw a bit of a chill period for Creature, with NHS putting the brand on hold. But fast forward to the mid-2000s, and Creature made a roaring comeback. This time, it was Navarrette and Lee Charron at the helm, steering the team and injecting fresh, creative vibes into the brand’s direction.

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