Haut Lamaflex Decks

Haut Lamaflex Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsKevin Reed Haut played a crucial role in the early skateboarding scene in Santa Cruz and Northern California. After moving to the west coast in 1954, he became a skilled waterman and honed his surfing and skateboarding skills. 

In 1970, Kevin Reed and his brother Lance ventured into skateboarding, constructing ramps and pushing the sport’s boundaries. He earned the nickname “Mr. Radical” and started crafting his own innovative skateboards. The Haut brand entered the skateboard market in the late 1970s with unique and wider decks.

Kevin Reed’s impact on skateboarding was significant, and he was part of a small but influential Haut team. They traveled, competed, and pushed the sport’s progression. The Haut brand’s legacy was one of innovation, style, and attitude. Although many pay-to-play parks closed in Northern California, the Haut brand’s influence remained profound in skateboarding history.

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