Hosoi Skateboard Reissues

Hosoi Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverChristian Hosoi stands at the helm of Hosoi Skateboards, infusing the brand with a blend of original and contemporary designs inspired by classic skateboard shapes.

Hosoi Skateboards is credited with introducing the innovative hammerhead shape to the skateboarding world. This design was a departure from traditional skateboard shapes and has since become a hallmark of creativity and ingenuity within the industry.

The collection is enriched with fresh graphics from guest artists, including John Lucero, and features mini popsicle boards tailored for the younger skate enthusiasts. A standout aspect of the brand is its commitment to manufacturing all its boards in Costa Mesa, CA.

Hosoi Skateboards pioneered the distinctive hammerhead-shaped decks, setting a creative benchmark in the skateboarding world. 

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