Carver Yago Dora Skinny Goat C7 Truck Surfskate Complete 9.75″ x 30.75″ White


The Carver Yago Dora Skinny Dora Complete is back and better than ever with a fresh white graphic!

The Carver Yago Dora Skinny Goat Complete with the signature C7 trucks provides a fluid dynamic feel for a skateboard that a surfboard has in the water. This board features a 16.75” wheelbase with double-kicks, for progressive surf training and skatepark surfing.

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Carver Yago Dora Skinny Goat C7 Truck Surfskate Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupCarver C7 Surfskate Truck Set Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupCarver Roundhouse Concave Wheels Smoke 69mm 78aCarver Surfskate Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupCarver Surfskate Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Carver Yago Dora Skinny Goat Complete is back with a fresh graphic. It is as beautiful as it is functional and provides a fluid dynamic feel for a skateboard that a surfboard has in the water.

Yago Dora is a phenomenal surfer, bringing a deceptively easy style to massive airs and hair raising tube riding. But he’s so much more; a gentle and respectful soul who quietly taps into vast resources of power and skill. He is a naturally talented athlete, able to bring his signature smooth surf style to his skating as well.

Carver made his Skinny Goat pro-model with the same high performance standards he requires, ensuring that when you push yourself hard like he does, your feet stay securely locked in between the double-kick mold, and you get the quick maneuverability needed to deliver on such demanding expectations. 

Featuring a 16.75″ wheelbase to match his surf stance and a double-kick deck for progressive surf training and skatepark surfing. The graphic art was created by his longtime surfboard painter Alan Fendrich on an Eco-certified fumed Oak veneer.


The Carver C7 Truck is Carver’s Patented front truck which is designed to create the same fluid dynamic for a skateboard that a surfboard has in the water.What gives it this ability, is the extra axis of movement provided by the truck’s rotating arm. As a result, this gives the nose of the board lateral thrust, in addition to the usual rail-to rail turn.

The C7 dual-axis truck set is very fluid, like riding a single fin surfboard and replicating the lateral sway you feel as you pump for speed. The dual axis allows the rider to adjust both axis independently for fine tuning. It’s a bit heavier than the CX truck, but the internal spring system allows for a wide range of adjustment. The trailing arm and wide adjustment range make this truck better for faster speeds and fluid surfing.

The arm rotates smoothly on precision industrial thrust bearings, and is dampened by a fully adjustable, heavy-duty internal die spring. This allows each rider to customize the feel of their board. But at its core, the C7 is still a skateboard truck, with a traditional hanger and standard new-school mounting hole pattern ( 2.1”, or 2 3/32” long). In addition this will fit any new-school skateboard deck, while preserving the original wheelbase. That being said, these are the perfect trucks to accommodate this board, consequently if you are looking for a setup to carve your way through the streets, with the same fluid feel as a surfboard.


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Yago Dora is an up-and-coming phenom from Florianopolis, Brazil, and furthermore one of the latest additions to The Brazilian Storm. You may recognize him from last part in Volcom’s Psychic Migrations, or going huge with his airs, aggressive barrel riding,and solid power surfing. He is most known for clips and video parts, but in addition he is now making competition a focus during 2016.



Carver Surf Skate Canada Distribution Vancouver PickupCarver Surf Skate Roundhouse Wheels Canada Online Sales Pickup Surf Skate City VancouverJosh Kerr has recently become part of our team, introducing new pro models, and we're actively working on future collaborations. As skateboarding embraces innovation and inclusivity, traditional styles like Surfskate are making a resurgence. Carver remains committed to producing the most reliable American-made surf skate equipment. We continually push the boundaries of innovation, propelling progression for dedicated riders who rely on our gear for surf training and an enjoyable urban surfing experience. “I often see people on our boards, and you can always tell when they're on a Carver by how they surf," notes Neil. Greg adds, "It's incredibly satisfying to witness the joy they experience, knowing that we crafted that for them.” There's a distinctive element, though. Those riding our boards aren't just skating the streets; they're surfing the urban wave. Carver remains dedicated to the ongoing creation of the most trusted and reliable American-made surf skate equipment, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our commitment extends beyond merely providing quality products; we strive to pioneer cutting-edge advancements in the industry, ensuring that enthusiasts experience the forefront of surf skate technology.

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