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Get rolling like never before with the Cortina C Class Bearings!

Endure fast, smooth rolling spins thanks to the featured premium polished precision raceway and balls. In addition, these bearings have removable frictionless rubber shields which allow for easy lubrication when the time comes!

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Cortina C Class Bearings Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Cortina C Class Bearings Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupCortina Bearings Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverThe Cortina C Class Bearings are ready to have you rolling smooth and fast!

These C Class Bearings feature a premium polished precision raceway and balls which provide smooth rolling right out of the convenient carrying tube. As a result, this bearing has a lightweight and durable custom cage.

The C Class Bearings are tested and approved by their favorite riders to ensure that they are more than capable of being able to withstand the elements of skateboarding. As a result, they also feature removable frictionless rubber shields. These removable shields make for easy lubrication when the time comes


  • Sold as a set of 8 bearings
  • Polished precision raceway
  • Lightweight & durable custom cage
  • Tested and approved by skaters
  • Removable rubber shields

Cortina X Playboy Bearings Kyle Walker Na-Kel Smith Elijah Berle Tristan Funkhouser Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

We recommend that you watch with headphones for optimal experience. Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing products that we have to offer from Cortina!


CORTINA Bearing Co

Cortina Skateboard Bearings Canada Pickup VancouverCortina Bearing Co is a new skateboard bearing company comprising of a team of Na-kal Smith, Elijah Berle and Kyle Walker. Each of these skateboarders has a signature bearing model for Cortina. Cortina Bearing Co produces a 004 Presto model and a 005 Gran Turismo model of bearings. The Cortina 004 is the entry level bearing.
The fastest & strongest skateboard bearing in its class. Tested & approved by our favorite skaters. Yet another high-quality bearing from the good folks at Cortina Bearing Co., the Presto. Built with chromium steel bearings, removable frictionless rubber shields and a lightweight durable cage. Tested and approved by the Cortina team, you know these are good to go.
CORTINA Bearing Co

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