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Bones® Super REDS® Bearings (8 pack)


Super REDS® bearings: because “good enough” just didn’t cut it for us. Imagine if a REDS bearing went to a spa, got a luxury treatment, and came out feeling like a brand-new, high-class version of itself. That’s Super REDS for you.

They’re not just REDS bearings that decided to dress up fancy with a bit of extra polish. Oh no, Super REDS are the bearings that went to finishing school, learning the art of using higher quality steel races, snobbier (in a good way) balls, and a surface finish so smooth, it makes a baby’s bottom feel like sandpaper in comparison.

The end result? A bearing that not only matches the speed of its REDS cousins but does so with the grace of a swan—quieter, smoother, and with the longevity of a tortoise. And just so you don’t confuse them with their less sophisticated family members, Super REDS come decked out in a sleek black shield, with laser engraving that’s the equivalent of a bearing wearing a tuxedo.


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Powell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverPowell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverPowell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Bones Super REDSPowell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverPowell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverBones Super REDS® bearings represent a significant leap forward in skateboarding technology, transcending the notion of merely being an upgraded version of the already respected Bones REDS®.

This distinction is crucial, as it underscores the innovative approach and meticulous engineering that have gone into the development of Super REDS. 

### Advanced Materials and Engineering

**High-Grade Steel Races and Premium Balls:** The use of higher quality steel races and balls in Super REDS is not just a minor improvement but a fundamental enhancement in the materials used. This choice directly translates to bearings that offer greater strength, smoother performance, and longer life, setting a new standard for durability and efficiency in skateboarding bearings.

### Superior Surface Finish

**Exceptional Surface Finish:** The surface finish on Super REDS bearings is not merely about aesthetics; it’s about performance. A smoother finish reduces friction and increases speed, making these bearings not just faster but also significantly quieter than their predecessors. This meticulous attention to the micro-details of the bearing’s surface is a testament to the commitment to excellence that Bones Bearings upholds.

### Design and Performance

**Innovative Design for Skateboarding:** Super REDS are specifically designed with the needs of skateboarders in mind. From the ground up, every aspect of these bearings is engineered to enhance the skateboarding experience. This includes everything from the non-contact, removable rubber shield that facilitates easy cleaning and reduces friction, to the high-speed nylon ball retainer that ensures greater strength and speed.

### Beyond Traditional Ratings

**Skate Rated™, Not ABEC:** The decision to eschew the traditional ABEC rating system is a bold statement on the part of Bones Bearings. It highlights a commitment to creating bearings that meet the specific demands of skateboarding—a dynamic and impact-heavy sport—rather than adhering to a standard designed for industrial machinery. This Skate Rated™ approach guarantees that Super REDS bearings are optimized for the best performance and durability possible in skateboarding conditions.

Bones Super REDS bearings are not just an incremental update; they are a comprehensive overhaul designed to meet the exacting demands of modern skateboarding. By focusing on superior materials, advanced engineering, and skate-specific design, Super REDS have established themselves as a new benchmark in the world of skateboarding bearings, offering unmatched performance.

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Powell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverBONES BEARINGS ®

George Powell is a luminary in the skateboarding world, celebrated for his groundbreaking work in bearing technology. As the mastermind behind Powell Bearings, he revolutionized the skateboarding experience with his innovative designs and unwavering commitment to excellence.

  1. Bones Swiss Ceramics: Elevate your skating game to superhero status with these bearings. Crafted in the Swiss Alps by mystical beings, the ceramic balls inside are lighter than air and stronger than Thor’s hammer.
  2. Legendary Original Bones Swiss Bearings: These bad boys have been around longer than disco and are the preferred choice of skate gods everywhere. Made in Switzerland, they’re so smooth, they’ll make your ollies feel like butter on a hot pan.
  3. Bones Super Swiss 6: With six larger balls instead of seven, these bearings are like the six-pack abs of the skate world. Made in Switzerland, they’re so fast, they’ll leave your competition eating dust like it’s their last meal.
  4. Bones Ceramic Super REDS: Lighter than a feather and tougher than Chuck Norris, these bearings are like the ninja assassins of the skate world. Their ceramic balls will glide over obstacles like they’re on a spa day, leaving your competition in the dust.
  5. Super REDS: Who needs a sports car when you’ve got Super REDS? These babies are designed to make you feel like you’re flying down the street on a magic carpet. Plus, they’re so quiet, you’ll swear they’re whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
  6. Bones REDS: Made in the land of kung fu and pandas (China), these bearings are the ultimate combination of performance and affordability. They’ll make you wonder why anyone would pay more for anything else.

Powell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver


Bones Bearings

Bones Swiss Bearings set the gold standard against which all other skateboard bearings are compared. For over three decades, they've maintained the highest reputation within the skateboarding community worldwide. Skaters everywhere swear by the quality of Bones Bearings. The decision by Bones Bearings to eschew the ABEC rating system stems from its irrelevance to skateboard performance. ABEC ratings gauge a bearing's precision, with higher numbers indicating greater speed capabilities in industrial applications. However, this metric falls short in assessing the unique demands of skateboarding. Recognizing this, George Powell, the innovator behind these pioneering skateboard-specific bearings, opted to introduce them without an ABEC rating, instead branding them as Skate Rated for their specialized design and performance.  
Bones Bearings

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