Essentials Riser Pads 1/8th White


These riser pads look cleaner than Adam’s shirt. The White Essentials Riser Pads are the perfect fit for anyone looking to add a 1/8th lift to their set up. Drilled to accommodate any skate whether it be long, street or even 80s, these will do the trick! Giving you extra leverage, turn and improving the life of your street deck, these are definitely worth a check out.

Essentials is around for one reason. Providing great products at even better price points. Quality stuff and accessories geared towards riders of all skill levels, Essentials is an unspoken hero! Looks pretty clean in white too.

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Essentials Riser Pads 1/8th White Vancouver Online Sales CanadaCreamy and delicious, these white riser pads are sure to add some flavour to your set up while also providing a valuable service. These Essentials Riser Pads will give you a subtle yet noticeable difference in your riding. Granting you that extra clearance, you will have increased turn and leverage. The fact that these risers are rubber also provides a safety net when street skateboarding. They will help absorb shock resulting in longer lasting decks! 

The risers come in a set of two and are compatible with both longboard and skateboard trucks. So if you’ve got either or even an old school board, these should do the trick! Or help you do tricks for that matter! Not to mention they come in 4 great colours so you can grab one that suits your board the best or add that little bit of flare you have been looking for!

  • Not coconut scented
  • Fits old school, new school, and longboard
  • 1/8th Riser Pads x 2
  • White
  • The rubbers every skater needs
  • Set of two

Dave Sledge shredding with Essentials gear!



870Essentials-header Essentials skate products are essential! Whether your in a tight spot and need some new hard wear to keep your ride together or you need to get rolling in the first place, essentials has you covered!
Quality parts for your skate for less.  

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 cm