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Independent Hawk Standards Stage 11 Forged HOLLOW AXLE Trucks 144mm SILVER $89.95
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Alva 45th Anniversary Limited Edition INDEPENDENT TRUCKS 109MM BRONZE $119.95

Gullwing Pro III 8.8″ Baby Blue / Black Base


The Gullwing Pro III Blue trucks is the way to go if you’re in the market for an awesome truck that will get everyone’s attention at the skatepark. The cult classic is back, and this particular truck sports an energetic baby blue color and is accompanied with a matte silver base plate. Six holes in the baseplate, 89A cone and barrel bushing combo and the hanger measures 159mm. A perfect fit for any board between 8.6″-9″!

Feeling’ nostalgic? This is definitely the right way to go if you’re lookin’ to bring back the awesome glory of the 80’s, especially with the baby blue colourway!

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Gullwing Trucks Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver Calgary ReginaGullwing Pro III Trucks Canada Pickup Vancouver

The Gullwing Pro III is the return of the cult classic! This is the awesome truck from Gullwing and it will be the perfect fit on your new shred-machine!

The Pro III 9″ Baby Blue skate trucks are back from yesteryear in all their 80’s glory. These trucks have the same geometry as the Mission 1 trucks and work best with wide cruisers. 


  • 8.6″- 9″ Board Range
  • 89a Cone and Barrel Bushing
  • Axle: 8.8″ Weight: 396.5g
  • Height: 58mm

Buy Gullwing BAKU Pro III 9" Trucks Skull Skates Canada Online Vancouver Pickup

The cult classic Pro III’s are back! Elijah Anderson, RJ Baltazar, Andrew Mercado, Todd Hallien, and Adam Effertz all break-in a fresh pair Pro III’s on a sunny day in Ocean Beach. Loving Gullwing? These trucks have the same geometry as the Mission 1 trucks and work best with wide cruisers. The Gullwing Pro III trucks features a standard base-plate style.  Are you loving the blast from the past? or simply just how amazing this company is? Be sure to check out the rest of their products here: Gullwing.





Gullwing has produced the best trucks available on the market and have no means of slowing down.
Whether you rode our trucks as a kid or you just bought your first set, you can always count on Gullwing for offering the best trucks available on the market.
Gullwing answered these demands with the Charger II. Stripped down to the bare essentials, the Charger II is a modern yet fully functional truck that allows rider progression to the fullest extent. 
Last but not least, and due to overwhelming demand, is the re-release of the Gullwing classic: the PRO III.  Whether you rode these when you were a kid or you just want that old school truck for your retro setup, the PRO III will possess you to go slappy a red curb or throw a big slash grind at your local skate park.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 cm
Axle Width