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OJ Wheels Elite Hardline 53mm 99a Natural



With it’s triumphant arrival, OJ Elite Hardline features OJs Elite Urethane, the next generation formula that’ll ensure your ride kicks a$$ and takes names!

Elite WAY TOO FAST Urethane is here! Flying out the lab to the streets and beyond, Elite Urethane guarantees more speed, a longer lasting roll, and more importantly hands down epic times with your crew. If you’re a skateboarder, you seek more speed. If you want more speed you’re gonna f$ck with Elite

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OJ Wheels Elite Hardline Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverThe OJ Elite Hardline are coming in hot and ready to shred! This top quality Elite urethane is poured into a Hardline conical shape, that locks great on ledges, looks sick, and has a little wider riding surface compared to EZ edge model.

The Elite is a monster of a wheel that’ll treat you right, even through the tough times and rough grinds. These pro wheels are great for slides, grinds and tricks alike! The advanced urethane is what you need under your deck if you want to get the best roll and feel for your ride that money can buy!


  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Durometer: 99a
  • WAY TOO FAST urethane
  • Conical Hardline shape
  • Natural Colour
  • More OJ HERE

It’s usually off the beaten path where you’ll find the sick sh$t to skate… Ace Pelka seeks out the untouched in this vid and comes back with a banging clip. Curbs, coping, and insane terrain, “In the Ditch” as it all. Check the clip and then go seek insane terrain!



OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels Filmers Choice Canada Sales Pickup VancouverSanta Cruz put out OJ wheels in the ’80s and man were they a hit! OJ has been a name synonymous with great quality skate wheels. Needless to say these wheels do not let the legacy of the name down. OJ makes wheels in so many varieties because they understand the diversity and needs of both modern and old school skaters. 
OJ has a rich history in skateboarding, and these wheels are not only good for the older guys looking to rekindle their youth, they’re also fantastic wheels for anyone who desires a smooth ride on a sick looking wheel! To this day OJ keeps working on that juicy urethane to push skateboarding further, support an awesome team, and keep skaters on that blessed cruise! From Color Berries to Thunder Juice, Ojs are made out of smooth urethane that will keep your cruise blessed! Mess with the juice, it damn sure pays off!
OJ Wheels

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Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm

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