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Say goodbye to stripped axles. Say hello to more boarding! This Pig Rethreader tool is made by the good folks at Pig Wheels. It features a re threader to help you out with those axles when they just wont cooperate.

This tool is essential for any serious boarder. It can make the difference between having to get new trucks and missing a session or being able to fix things on the go and never miss a skate moment again! 

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Pig Wheels Vancouver

Pig skateboard tools Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverSay goodbye to stripped axles! The Pig rethreader tool is here! This tool will save your trucks and improve their life time. As anyone who rides a board knows, axles can get hard to deal with. The re-thread portion of the tool will clean them up so you can use them again easily.

This tool features a half inch socket to tighten your kingpin, a 9/16 for your truck axles and a 3/8th for your truck mounting nuts. In addition to the sockets, the tool features 1 Phillips head, and 2 Allen key heads. Of course, we couldn’t forget, the self aligning re-threader.

  • Two allen keys
  • Phillips head
  • 9/16” Socket
  • 3/8” Socket
  • 1/2” Socket
  • Rethreader for axles

Next Adventure brings you “The Secret Ingredient” with Joe Frost. Here he talks about skateboard truck maintenance and lets you in on the secret ingredient of the Pig Skate Tool.


Pig Wheels

PIG WHEELS PERFORMANCE SKATEBOARD URETHANE Canada Pickup VancouverPig wheels hit the streets in 1993. As part of the Tum Yeto family they are brother and sister to Toy Machine and Foundation. Tum Yeto has been producing products for decades with their 1989 start with Foundation and later early 90s start with Ed Templeton's Toy Machine. RIDE THE SWINE!
Pig Wheels

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