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Skate Mental Fake Crap Wax


Smear it all over your favorite ledge or rail and slip on curbs not turds. The Skate Mental Fake Crap Wax comes in a mini potty so you can carry cat-sized turds with pride and class. You never know when you will need a little bit extra slide, or to play a poop joke on someone.

This product is made for those who are tired of sticking and eating shit. If you think this product entry is filthy, I wouldn’t scroll down if I were you. Guaranteed UN-scented and not made by humans.

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Buy PSkate Mental Fake Crap Wax Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupTheres nothing the matter with this splatter. If your tired of slipping on turds and would rather a curb, the Skate Mental Fake Crap Wax will help you get you out of shitty sticky situations. These cat sized craps will help you slip and slide where ever you apply them. Just remember not to store it in your pocket because no one wants a soft melted turd in their pocket. Guaranteed not scented nor human. Makes a great item for on the fly pranks too. Let the skatepark shenanigans begin!


In conclusion, Skate Mental, founded by Brad Staba in 2007, is a company that offers high quality skateboarding gear and a large selection of apparel and accessories. As a result, Skate Mental Skateboard Decks are constructed using durable 7 ply maple. Overall, they are known for their funny and outrageous graphics including cartoon and real life images. In addition, don’t forget to check out the rest of their amazing products they have available for you to get your hands on and help elevate your skateboard game!


Skate Mental

Buy Skate Mental Skateboards online Canada pickup VancouverSkate Mental Skateboards featuring Pro Riders Jack Curtin, Tom K, Wieger, Karsten Kleppan, Dan Plunkett, Brad Staba, Shop here or take a hike!
Skate Mental

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm