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The Amazing Carver C7 Truck

Carver trucks are are simply amazing! Looking for the ultimate carving and cruising truck. We have the answer for you! The Carver C7 trucks have a secondary pivot, which gives you a whole lot more lean, giving you that very similar feeling of surfing. Turn most any board into the ultimate carver board. Surf your […]

Childsplay Drummer

Rock a Future brings Music and Longboarding to Youth

Rock A Future, which brings information on careers in the music industry to youth through live concerts, wrapped their spring 2014 tour in Vancouver, where Longboarder Labs sponsored their closing gig at Astorino’s.  Four bands rocked the all-ages venue – Ginger Johnson & the Furious Four, She Dreams in Colour, Flub the Duck, and headliners […]

Carver Pipe Tool

Carver’s Pocket Pipe and Skate Tool

Carver’s pocket skate tool is awesome! It measures in at under 2½” in length, so it’s easy to bring along on a session for on-the-fly adjusting. Made of tool grade stainless steel, it won’t rust, break or wear out, guaranteed. The Allen key snaps on with a powerful neodymium magnet. This tool is too cute […]


Urban Waves

Jake Smith, throwing some dusty spray on roadside banks and dry ditches deep in the urban ocean. From his powerful backside snaps to his deep tail slides, his CX Carver set-up pumps between sections to link impossibly long rides without ever having to push. Soundtrack: Pond – Moth Wings (All the music credits go to…


20 to 1

Geoff shows how hard it is to make it look easy.


Dry Surfin’

Geoff Sagara going rail to rail with his new Carver CX on a perfect cement curl somewhere in the midst of the southern California chaparral, finally delivering on the promise of a true endless wave.

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