Venom Bushings

Venom Bushings Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSince day one, Venom has been committed to two things: excellent products, and having a good time. Our dedicated team and staff are out there every day conquering high mountain passes, ripping insane vertical terrain, going deep in races. Technical director / tyrannical leader Zak Maytum is constantly testing new ideas and working to make Venom your solid go to for quality urethane and accessories.

Venom was started out of necessity. In 2007, there were very few aftermarket bushings available, and their performance was less than optimal. Most of them were not even the right size to fit properly in longboard trucks. After many hard months of trial and error, the classic Venom Bushing formula was discovered. Thanks to the wide range of hardness options as well as dramatically improved rebound and stability, Venom Bushings quickly became the first choice for many top riders. With their continuing thirst for better gear, Zak and the crew went on to design the full line of Venom products you see today.

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