Premium Blank Street Wheels 52mm 99a Clear White


Premium Blank street wheels are waiting to surprise you with their performance, while being easy on your wallet. They combine everything great about a classic street wheel: a worldwide approved c-shape, a balanced 52mm diameter, and hard yet forgiving 99a durometer.

Spice up your board and make it stand out with some clear thane! Clear wheels generally have less functionless additives, making them last longer and perform predictably and consistently. Put these clear white wheels on your plank and get rad! 

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PRICE POINT SKATEBOARD WHEELS Canada Pickup VancouverPremium Blank Street Wheels 52mm 99a Clear White Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverPremium Blank Clear Street Wheels 52mm 99a Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverThese Premium Blank White wheels are waiting for skate missions! If you are looking for a set of performance wheels on a budget, this is a perfect option. Their classic c-shape and massively popular combination of 52mm diameter and 99a durometer make them perfect for modern street and park skating. This model sits at 31mm width and locks into ledges and rails securely and with less friction. With a 15mm contact patch, these white blank wheels have enough grip to carve aggressively, yet you can initiate a slide fairly easily.

Clear urethane looks stunning and it’s about time to bring them back on the streets! Did you know that default urethane with no additives comes out clear? Technically these wheels are purer and have less useless non-performance additives than their non-clear counterparts. Less functionless particles in your wheels equals higher durability and better performance. 


  • Diameter: 52mm
  • Durometer: 99a
  • Width: 31mm
  • Contact patch: 15mm
  • Treaded road surface 
  • Clear white urethane
  • Classic c-shape
  • Recommended for street or park

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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