Rip N Dip Logo Leaning Nermal Sticker 4″ X 4″


Lean back and enjoy your life, as Nermal here does everyday.

Just relax and take it easy, everything is going to be fine. This sticker simply oozes peace, love and tranquility.

Take a lesson from Nerm and take it easy. Don’t stress, you’re alright. Life can be hard, but get this sticker and make it a little easier. Chill out, you’re in good hands.

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  • Skate Everything!
  • Established 1978
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Rip n Dip Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverRipNDip Leaning Nermal Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Look, let’s be honest. You want to be cool. You want to sit with the popular kids in the cafeteria. Maybe you wanna go to that crazy party Chad is throwing and make out with Sarah.

You think any of that’s gonna happen when you’re so mundane you like eating plain rice cakes and watching paint dry? Get some stickers and you’ll be drowning in popularity! People will beg you to hang out with them!

Prove your coolness with a sticker that’s guaranteed to get you everything you want in life! (Disclaimer: This product is not guaranteed to get you everything you want in life.)


  • 4″ x 4″ 
  • Classic Rip N Dip Design
  • He’s ultra relaxed
  • See more here: Rip N Dip




Buy Rip N Dip Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupRyan O'Connor started writing Rip N Dip on campers boards at a skate camp in the summer of '06. Kids instantly started writing Rip N Dip on each others boards. Immediately he saw how hyped the kids got, so he made a batch of shirts to sell.
RIPNDIP is a Los Angeles based clothing brand originally founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 by Ryan O'Connor. They have a very specific voice and it often focuses on eccentric designs that aren't afraid to stray from the norm.
It’s time to stop being lame and tedious. Don’t be THAT loser with no style or substance! Get some Rip N Dip, and never will your circle of friends be the same again!

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm