Bear Space Balls Ceramic Bearings 8mm (Set of 8)


Integrated spacer bearings aren’t just the future; they’re the intergalactic revolution we didn’t know we needed until now. Zooming in from the cosmic realms of skate tech, the Landyachtz Bear Spaceballs Ceramic skateboard bearings are like the sci-fi upgrade your board has been dreaming of.

Packed with ceramic balls that laugh in the face of overheating, these bearings are ready to tackle any friction without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to the days of noisy rides and hello to stealth mode cruising. With these bad boys, you’re not just rolling smoother; you’re gliding with a finesse that could only be described as ‘futuristically smooth.’ Plus, they promise a speed boost that’ll have you wondering if you’ve accidentally hit warp speed. Welcome to the next dimension of skating!

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Bearing fit and alignment are vital to the performance of your setup and the life of your wheels. Bear Space balls Ceramics integrate the necessary spacers and washers directly into the bearings, keeping your wheels aligned without the complication of extra components.

This perfect interface with the axle, combined with non-contact labyrinth seals that keep dirt out while minimizing drag, will enable riders to excel to ludicrous speed and beyond.

Integrated spacer bearings are the future! Flying in out of space and right out of the world of tomorrow, the Landyachtz Bear Spaceballs Ceramic skateboard bearings feature some pretty next level stuff. With ceramic balls, there will be no over-heating issues with the high friction components, making for a much quieter, smoother, and durable operation that also allows a higher roll speed! Spacers and speed rings that are integrated into the the bearing’s construction means lots less parts to introduce slop and unneeded friction into the system. Less slop means a tighter overall interface, which means faster and more reliable performance! The Landyachtz Bear Spaceballs Ceramic bearings are the bearings of the future, either get with the program or be left in the past!

  • Built in spacers  
  • Better Alignment and Stability
  • Non-contact Labyrinth Seals 
  • Keeps dirt out and minimizes drag
  • Ceramic Bearings 
  • Reduce Friction for better speed

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Bear Kodiak Trucks by Landyachtz

 Skaters are progressing and pushing the envelope; the goal is to provide a truck that out-performs them. Team testing is a huge part of the process. If it’s not good enough for them it’s not good enough for anyone. It’s all in the details. Bear isn't trying to reinvent the truck, they are are refining it.

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