Toy Machine

Toy Machine Orange Sect Wax


Please don’t eat this. The delicious Toy Machine Orange Sect Wax won’t do well in your stomach. However it will do well on rails, ledges and every other skateboard surface you want to be smoother. Wax things up just like Ed Templeton and the rest of the Toy Machine crew.

For those of you who have never seen welcome to hell, we highly suggest checking it out after your finished here. Truly a legendary video from an amazing company. Templeton (the mastermind behind Toy Machine) has been around the skate scene professionally for close to 3 decades.

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870-toy-machine-headerToy Machine Wax for Sale Vancouver Canada Online

Toy Machine Orange Sect Wax is a backpack, glove box or pocket essential to any skate trip. Whether your going out to the park, the ledge down the street or on a tour with your best buds, Toy Machine wax will have you sliding all the way through your journey. This wax features a classic toy machine character from the mind of Ed Templeton. Its a great solution to sticky situations. 

This piece of wax is about 4” x 3”. Toy Machine has been around for over 2 decades and has no end in sight. Templeton is always coming up with great ideas and innovations that make us both skate better and smile. Bust this out and show everyone you mean business at the park. It gets the job done fast an easy before you get kicked out of street spots as well!

  • Slide longer
  • Slide faster
  • Skate-able Templeton art
  • Get through those rough ledges with ease
  • Templeton rules

Jamie Thomas video part from Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell video


Toy Machine

Toy Machine Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver Toy Machine Skateboards was started by Ed Templeton circa 1993. Top skate talent include legends such as Chad Muska, Jamie Thomas, Bam Margera, Kerry Getz, Brian Anderson . Toy Machine artwork is famous throughout the industry, being just one creative output of Ed Templeton, who is also a celebrated artist and photographer in his own right. The iconic Toy machine monster logo has been around since day one and shows no sign of going away. It was either machine skateboards or toy skateboards. Huh? Yeah thats where Toy Machine came from. 
Toy Machine

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