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RipNDip Lord Nermal Kendama Wood Grain $37.95

RipNDip MoneyBag Money Gun Pink


The RipNDip MoneyBag Money Gun is a dynamic accessory, adding flair to any event. Designed for those who seek a bold statement, it offers versatility by allowing the use of whimsical Nermal Bills or real currency. Perfect for gatherings, this unique device injects humor with a playful “make it rain” feature.

Whether you opt for whimsy or genuine extravagance, the MoneyBag Money Gun elevates events, leaving a memorable impression with its bill-showering fun. Strike a balance between fun and responsibility, and this accessory becomes a unique and attention-grabbing addition to your festivities.

If impressing strippers is the goal, consider it met. May the rain never end.

Set includes 1 x Money Gun 1x Stack of RipNDip Cash (Batteries Not Included)

In stock

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Rip n Dip Skateboards Gifts Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Rip n Dip Skateboards Gifts Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverRip n Dip Skateboards Gifts Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverThe RipNDip MoneyBag Money Gun is a unique and entertaining accessory that adds flair to any event!

Designed to “Make It Rain On Em,” this playful device comes with a stack of Nermal Bills, adding a touch of humor to the experience. What sets it apart is the ability to load it up not just with whimsical Nermal Bills but also with legal tender, providing a versatile and customizable element to the money-spraying fun. This feature caters to those who enjoy a bit of extravagance and want to make a bold statement at gatherings or celebrations. So, if you’re someone who likes to ball out and make a memorable impression, the MoneyBag Money Gun is the perfect accessory to elevate your event with a shower of bills, whether they be humorous Nermal Bills or the real deal. 


  • MoneyBag Money Gun
  • Make It Rain On Em
  • Comes With Stack Of Nermal Bills
  • But You Can Load It Up 
  • With Legal Tender Too
  • If You Ball Like That
  • More here: GIFTSHOP

RipNDip Lord Nermal Family Tree Backpack Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup



Rip N Dip Gift Shop Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverListen up, you mere humans! Let me tell you the tale of Ryan O'Connor, the legend behind the creation of Rip N Dip. This epic saga begins at a skate camp back in the summer of '06, where Ryan was busy scribbling Rip N Dip onto campers' boards. And what happened next, you ask? Well, those little rascals went absolutely bonkers for it! So Ryan took matters into his own paws and whipped up a batch of shirts to sell. That's right, my feline friends, Rip N Dip was born. Fast forward to present day, and this brand is now based in the land of stars and dreams - Los Angeles. They don't play by the rules, no sirree. RIPNDIP is all about being bold, being wild, and breaking free from the mundane. Who wants to be basic, anyways? Not us cool cats! So, listen closely, you fashion-challenged humans. If you want to elevate your game and join the ranks of the cool kids, get yourself some Rip N Dip. Your circle of friends will thank you, and you'll never be the same again. Meow!

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm