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CalStreets Skate Hoarder Collection Rick Tetz Pickup Vancouver

200+ Vintage Skate Sticker Collection 70’s 80’s

CALSTREETS VAULT COLLECTION Over 200 Retro Skate Stickers Sampler: A Blast from the 70s and 80s! Sending a Huge, Wheelie-Popping Thank You to My Rad Sponsors from Back in the Day. Soon to be released to VIP Customer Collectors Club Members. It’s Like a High School Reunion, but Cooler. SPONSORS: KADE CYCLE (Rocking the Cranbrook […]

Bustin Boarder Labs Colab 2017

Bustin Boards Classics Line Up

Bustin Boards is a grassroots company that is entirely run by skaters. These guys know what is demanded of their boards and thrash them like none other. Bustin truly has a diverse quiver of boards, so anyone who walks in will find something for them. Whether you want to bomb the biggest, fastest hills, with […]



It looks very much like surfing will be admitted to the 2020 Tokyo Games. And, as night follows day, it would seem skateboarding is also moving in that direction as well. There are some who welcome this move. Others, not so much… A petition to NOT have skateboarding in the Games has garnered over 6,000 […]

The Waterlogged Wheel Myth

Waterlogged Wheel Myth

“I rode my wheels in the rain and now they are ruined and won’t slide!” How many times must we hear this complaint? How many more times must we educate and explain that this is just part of how wheels wear? If you aren’t quite sure what we are talking about, let’s spell it out. […]


Aera K3 Versus Arsenal Trucks

There are some differences between Aera and Arsenal trucks, especially for downhill and free riding. When it all boils down, they are both amazing trucks. It just depends on what you want to use them for. To dig deeper into this topic we decided to do a some research. The best explanation was found in […]


Unknown Opportunities VS Future Connections

A few months ago, I received some photos from Simone Mondino. The images were of a freeride contest held in Osilnica, Slovenia. Simone has a brilliant eye and the photo that you’re looking at is my favorite. There’s something truly magical about all that lush forestry in mountains. I quickly learned where Osilnica was located […]


Seismic Introduces The Aeon Trucks

CW: This truck looks unlike anything else out there. What was your inspiration? Dan Seismic: We started working on the earliest version of the Aeon in 2006, but the work didn’t come into full focus until 2008. The industry landscape was quite different back then. Virtually all trucks used for downhill and freeride were still […]

Purple Shirt Slide Sunday Jam

Purple Slide Jam Kitsilano

Kitsilano Longboarding with Shred and Stoke and Boarder.Labs Purple Sunday Jams Gallery.


Eye on the Prize

EYE ON THE PRIZE This is Brad Edwards in what can only be described as a 20-foot metal capsule, secretly located in Southern California. The chances of you finding it are remote; the chances of you riding it are slim to none. However, since you’ve got your hands on a copy of CW, you can […]


Slalom Racing Spotlight

US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS The legend of La Costa lives on with the 2015 Sk8Kings U.S. National Championships of Slalom Skateboard Racing. So Cal Racing and La Costa Boys united again to promote regional racing and foster up-and-coming talent in the original hotbed of slalom. This fifth annual event, held July 11-12 in Oceanside, California, brought […]

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