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It looks very much like surfing will be admitted to the 2020 Tokyo Games. And, as night follows day, it would seem skateboarding is also moving in that direction as well. There are some who welcome this move. Others, not so much… A petition to NOT have skateboarding in the Games has garnered over 6,000 […]


The Guajataca Downhill in Puerto Rico

The Guajataca Downhill in Puerto Rico has a rich history and is about to hit its 10th anniversary this January. Concrete Wave is proud to be a media sponsor of this event and encourage you head out to the sun of PR. We will be featuring a story about the event in our November issue, […]


Dancing Finds its Groove

Ahoy, this is Peter Markgraf, professional longboarder from Leipzig, Germany. My favorite discipline of longboarding is dancing. The great thing about dancing is the unbelievable possibility and multifaceted aspect about it. Dancing for me is vivid anarchy because there are no limits concerning tricks, and furthermore there are no rules, no limitations, which I truly […]

Game Changer Smile Vancouver Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson Game Changer

ANDY ANDERSON Powell Peralta SHOP BEST SELLER 2019 – 2022 Interview by Kevin Harris I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Harris back in 1997. Hard to believe that’s almost 20 years ago. Kevin was instrumental in helping bring my book The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding to life, and we’ve been friends ever […]


We Ride The Shift

Editor’s note: When I heard that Valeria Kechichian had given a TEDx Talk in July, I knew it would address some key issues. I was eager to find out what exactly she had presented, and I asked for a copy of her talk. I wanted to ensure that all CW readers got an opportunity to […]


Maryhill Sheride

Maryhill. The name is spoken with reverence in skate circles. It doesn’t matter if you skate vert, pipe, park, street, slalom, freestyle, or downhill; almost everyone in skateboarding knows stories about this famous hill and the skaters who slay it. To be able to say you skated Maryhill Loops Road is the equivalent of being […]


Interview with Matt McDonald of DB Longboards

Interview with Matt McDonald of DB Longboards What is your role at DB Longboards? Matt McDonald: At DB Longboards I am currently the Marketing / Team / E-Commerce Manager and videographer/photographer. I am also occasionally referenced to as “Mountain Dad” due to the bear and “School Zone” because I don’t go very fast. I am […]


Velosolutions Factories of Flow

VELOSOLUTIONS FACTORIES OF FLOW Back in July of this year, my son and I had the opportunity to ride the brand new Velosolutions track in Brooklyn, New York. The track is absolutely a blast to ride and we spent a few hours soaking in the great vibe. A quick pump around the track will leave […]


SLALOM Racing Spotlight

The small town of Ashland, Kentucky, along the banks of the Ohio River, was host to the 2015 World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding Sept. 18-20. More than 60 competitors came from all over the USA, Canada and as far away as Latvia for three days of racing and fun in the tri-state Appalachian region. The […]

California Locos Collaboration

California Locos Collaboration

CALIFORNIA LOCOS COLLABORATION: For Nóbrega, the key idea is the ability to tell strong stories through the brand. “This creates a solid foundation,” he says. “At Dusters, I’ve found that through our collaborations we can not only tell such stories but we can also talk about history, teaching our kids about the foundations of art, […]

Vancouver - Canada's Largest Electric Skateboard Dealer Boosted, InBoard, Mellow, Evolve and more

Electric Skateboards Power To The People

People skateboard for many different reasons. Some enjoy the freedom and some enjoy the exercise – both physical and mental. But for more than 50 years, skaters have challenged the idea that you could only push with your own power. Gasoline-powered skateboards were available as far back as 1965, and back in the 1970s, Canadian […]


The Juergen Gritzner Transportation Project

The story of “Cuban Linx,” aka the “Juergen Gritzner transportation project,” began in the summer of 2015. Ian Comishin and Kalie Racine of Kebbek Skateboards, encouraged by the historical political changes in Cuba, had the idea of bringing 100 completes of my Alps board to Cuba to support and energize skaters there Cuban kids love […]

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